What Would You Change About Your Trade Show Booth?

If you could change anything about your trade show booth to make it better, would you choose some high-quality, attractive trade show flooring mats? In our humble opinion, that’s exactly what you should choose, and we’ll tell you why: you want to improve your presence at the trade show, and an attractive, anti-fatigue flooring system is just the ticket to bring more customers to your booth and keep you energized and performing at the top of your game all day long.

It’s not the sexiest idea, but trade show booth flooring can really do wonders for your look and performance. Let’s say you want to make your whole booth sort of come together; you’ve got the booth part down, but a flooring system that matches the color scheme of your company’s logo or colors will really tie it all together. Our multi-purpose EVA foam mats will do that for you because they come in a multitude of colors. The mats lock together with puzzle-piece tabs, so you can even choose multiple colors to create patterns, borders, or a cool design. From top to bottom, your booth is now a unified presentation that really catches the eye – and that’s step one in making potential customers stop at your booth.

If you want to add a touch of class to your trade show booth, take a look at our wood grain mats. With the same 3/8″ of EVA foam beneath a layer of attractive wood grain, these mats make it look like you spent a fortune on your booth (which tells customers you really care about your presentation). One of our best-sellers is the Classic Oak mat. For an elegant, seamless, hardwood appearance, you just can’t beat our Classic Oak. It’s pale in color and you’ll love the look on people’s faces when they step on it and realize it’s not hardwood. You may have some explaining to do!

Our Forest Floor EVA foam mats are unique creatures. You can have a lot of fun playing around with your booth with these guys. Cork? Why not? Add some playfulness to your booth with some cork flooring. Like the look of bamboo flooring? We have that, too. And more. The faux wood grain finishes will have you wondering which one will do what you want the best – and it will be a hard decision because they’re all soft, supportive, attractive, and easy to install and transport.

So when you’re thinking about how to change and improve your booth, glance down at your feet. They’ll lead you to the right decision.