What’s in your Trade Show Booth Spotlight?

What do you want out of your trade show experience? Certainly you want to sell your product or service, but in doing so, you’re helping your customers fulfill a need in their lives. Ultimately, you want your business to enable your customers to have a better life, and your business is the one to help them achieve that goal.

How does a trade show booth communicate your concern for your customer and that your product is what will enable them to have the power to make their life or business better? Your product should speak for itself, but there are steps you can take at the trade show to make sure your product communicates its ability to empower your customer. That’s why having a strong, clearly communicated message with your booth is so important. We have a few tips to help you do this.

First impressions are everything at a trade show, and your booth’s appearance is going to be your first impression. A professional, understated, but product-focused presentation is crucial to gaining the trust and interest of those attending the exhibition. You have a limited space with which to work, so making the most of it will take some thought. First and foremost, the message must be clear. Your product or service must be easily seen and readily understood. Don’t play to the lowest common denominator with gimmicks or unrelated marketing. Highlight the product with easily-read signage (limit fonts and colors), strategically placed lighting, and an uncluttered booth area with attractive flooring that keeps the customers’ attention on the product, not the mess on the floor.

Our EVA foam mats are an attractive addition to any trade show booth because without drawing attention to themselves, they make your booth and your product look more professional, like a high-class, serious contributor to the industry. Many of our trade show booth customers have commented on how difficult it is to roll up carpet and transport it from show to show, how disappointing it is when spills stain the carpet and can’t be cleaned, leaving a dirty appearance to an otherwise decent display. Our Wood Grain mats eliminate these problems. They fit together like pieces of a puzzle, can be carried easily in our shoulder bags, and can be cleaned easily without permanent staining. They lend a warm, classy feel to your booth, and help keep the focus on your presentation.

Getting the most out of a trade show means keeping customers focused and interested in your product, but you have to get them to your booth first. Stand out from the crowd with an attractive wood grain surface beneath your booth, supporting both your staff and your product.