What’s Under the Tree?

To be the best gift-giver ever in your little elves’ eyes this season, you need look no further than our full line of gymnastics equipment. Can you imagine the looks on your young gymnast’s face when she sees a giant cube all wrapped up under the tree? What could it possibly be? Choosing gymnastics equipment as your holiday gift will bring squeals of wonder and excitement from the moment the kids start guessing what it is.

That giant cube, as it turns out, is our well-packaged, sturdy, activity-inspiring incline mat. It is actually a wedge, but it folds in on itself for compact storage (and the confounding of all guesses). We package and ship it so well that you don’t even need to take it out of the shipping material to wrap it and stick it under the tree. You’ll have all kinds of fun fielding their questions! And once they unwrap it, the true fun begins. You know that kids learn best when they’re playing, and this gymnastics apparatus will have them actively engaged for hours every day. Not only can they practice skills they learn in gymnastics or tumbling classes, but they’ll find even more imaginative uses for it as well. Your house just might become the go-to venue for playdates and sleepovers because you got the coolest holiday gift for your kids!

For a truly versatile and resilient gift, grab a tumbling mat. Tumbling mats are the one piece of gymnastics equipment that can be used indiscriminately for almost all gymnastics practice, tumbling practice, martial arts practice, and – heaven bless you – nap time. Yep, the tumbling mats are firm enough to give support for practice while being soft enough to play and even nap on. Remember those sleepovers? Tumbling mats will get played on and then camped on for what few hours of sleep the kids will get. But the true gift in the tumbling mat is that whatever the kids learn in their gymnastics or tumbling classes, they’ll be able to practice at home on a safe, supportive surface under your supervision. This means an acceleration in their progress, which will boost confidence and inspire greater dreams.

You’re always on the lookout for meaningful yet entertaining gifts for the holidays, and gymnastics equipment is going to be your best purchase this year. Put a big ol’ bow on a tumbling mat or incline mat and get ready for the question: “What’s under the tree??”