When “Good Enough” Isn’t

When you’re looking for martial arts mats for your home or studio, there are a few areas you shouldn’t accept “good enough.” You might be able to get away with “good enough” in a toilet bowl cleaner or hub caps, but when it comes to your safety in martial arts practice, “good enough” never is.

Martial arts mats should be shock absorbent. No question. You’re going to be putting hours and hours of strain on your body with your practice, and you need to be confident that your mats are going to absorb some of the impact your body takes during falls and hard landings. Our Tatami finish martial arts mats do this in spades. Not only are they shock absorbent, but you can choose from three different levels of padding to suit your particular kind of practice. If you’ve been doing this awhile, the 1/2″ mats might be all you need. These mats give you the most grounding and feel for the floor beneath them and provide maximum balance. If you’re new to the practice and want to make sure you stay free from impact injury as long as possible, the 3/4″ mats are for you. If you want the most padding possible, like if kids are going to be practicing on them, the best mats for you are the 1″ mats. These take the hardest beating and still bounce back to support the next impact.

When it comes to stability, all our martial arts mats offer a firm construction to help you maintain balance. The 1/2″ mats obviously allow the most, but even the 3/4″ and 1″ mats still provide security in footing without compromising support or cushioning. Stability is crucial when you’re trying to find the solidity from which to launch your punches, kicks, or even high-impact plyometrics.

Speaking of stability, our martial arts mats have a Tatami finish, which in essence is a ribbed texture like the original tatami grass mats, that offer superior traction and grip for both hands and feet. No matter how much you can feel solidity beneath you, if you can’t get a grip, your practice will suffer. The Tatami finish martial arts mats provide padding, security, and traction in a single mat.

Don’t settle for “good enough” when it comes to your martial arts mats. Choose wisely and ensure that your practice will be safe, comfortable, and last for years.