Where Do Your Kids Play?

Kids will find a way to play absolutely anywhere, whether there are play mats on the ground or not. Under restaurant tables (ew!), between clothing racks at the department store, even in the kitchen cabinets. Your job is to make sure that their regular play space is safe and fun. We canĀ  help.

EVA foam play mats are affordable, easy to install, comfortable enough for Grandma to sit on and play with the kids, and super easy to maintain. When you finally get yours, you’ll wonder why they weren’t at the top of the list of suggested baby shower gifts. EVA foam is just about the most comfortable flooring surface you’ll ever experience. The level of comfort it provides means your kids will likely stay put longer because they feel comfy. And because EVA foam gives just enough, any little falls or accidents that occur on the mats will have some of that force absorbed into the foam, which means, hopefully, that your little ones will bounce right back up and continue playing without the need for Mom or Dad’s triage expertise.

So what will these play mats cost you in terms of cash outlay and installation expenses? That’s the beauty of it – to cover your little guy’s play space, you could spend less than you would on a babysitter for an evening. And because they’re made to be installed in just minutes, you don’t need a professional installer. The puzzle piece tabs on all four corners of the mats make it easy to plop them into place quickly and easily. Your kids might even want to help! And if they have a little ownership in their new space, they just might hang out there more often!

Cleaning up the play area might just be a little easier with EVA foam play mats. Don’t get us wrong: Sisyphus was condemned to roll a stone uphill for eternity only to have it roll back down every time he got it there, and you may feel that way about keeping the play area tidy. But having a designated play area can help contain the toy sprawl. If kids are comfortable where they’re playing, they’re more likely to stay put; and that means your cleanup job becomes easier.

Your kids will play wherever there is space and air to breathe, but with EVA foam play mats, you stand a fighting chance of making sure they play on a safe, comfortable surface at home.