Where to Put the Play Area?

Finding the right space in your home for a dedicated play area for young kids can be a challenge, especially if you live in a small apartment or house. You look around and wonder where in the world can you create a safe play space for the kids while still being able to keep an eye on them. We Sell Mats has a solution that’s mobile, easy to clean, and simple to reconfigure. 

Even in the smallest of spaces, a few interlocking EVA foam mats can provide a soft, supportive space for kids to play. You can get mats that are a foot square or two feet square, depending on the amount of space you need to cover. The mats lock together with puzzle-piece edges – the kids might even have fun helping you put them together! With 3/8″ or more of shock-absorbent EVA foam, the floor space will help prevent little boo-boos from becoming trips to the ER. That’s peace of mind for Mom or Dad.

If you need to move the play area, perhaps if you just want to put it out during the day, or need to take it on vacation, simply separate the mats and put them down wherever you want. If the play area is in the living room during the day, it’s easy to pick up the mats, stack them in a corner, and voila, you have an adult space again. We even have a convenient shoulder bag for carrying the mats if you want to take them somewhere. They’re even good for use outside on those hard deck or patio surfaces.

The colorful play mats can also be fun to play with. Kids can take them apart and build with them (we’ve seen some really creative structures!). Choose a couple of different solid colors and let the kids create patterns with them. If you only have a small space to work with, a very few mats will be needed. It’s an affordable option for play areas that can’t be beat. And did we mention they’re water resistant? And grape juice resistant? And potty-training-accident resistant? Yep, just wipe up any spills, maybe use a little mild detergent in water, and you’re good for Round 2.

EVA foam mats are an affordable, easily cleaned and highly flexible solution to small or large play areas that need a little help. Ask for a sample of our mats today and choose the color and thickness that will be a perfect match for your child and your existing decor.