Which Yoga Mat to Choose?

Yoga class

Options, options, options… what a wonderful problem to have when searching for yoga mats! Fortunately, you’ve stumbled into the domain of the foremost mat experts on the internet, and we’re happy to help! Yoga is a form of exercise and meditation in which participants have a lot of contact with the floor beneath them. As a result, getting the most out of a yoga session can be seriously hindered by the discomfort a bad mat (or a good mat in the wrong context) can cause. Of course, you won’t find a bad mat on our site, so in this case it’s just a matter of figuring which yoga mat is ideal for the kind of practice you want to do.

Perhaps the first question to ask before getting more specific, is what kind of thickness should your yoga mat be? In all cases, you’re looking for a little bit of separation from the hardness of the floor – 3mm thickness is the thinnest you’ll want to go. Anything less and you’ll sacrifice comfort, and your ability to focus, enjoy the session, and get the results you want. 3mm provides good stability, but if you do a lot of seated positions, your joints need a little more softness, or your yoga practice is geared more toward meditation than athletic purposes, you might be more comfortable during a long session on an 8mm mat. Of course, 5mm is a great middle ground that offers a balance between maximum stability and maximum comfort.

The next question to tackle, and you’ll want to have a look through our yoga mats page to do this, is what kind of surface you want. We’ve got 2GRIP and DryGrip mats which have high-tack surface, meaning that they’re pretty hard to slip on – those of us that know the curse of sweaty palms will choose these, whereas if your practice space is cooled or you simply don’t perspire much, the printed mats will suit your needs just fine.

As always, we’ve got a customer service team that is more than happy to work with you to help choose what kind of yoga mat or other flooring solution to go with. Give us a call or send us a message online if you’ve got any questions!