Wood Grain Foam Mats: Common Questions

Wood Grain Foam Mats

Wood Grain Foam Mats, sometimes referred to as Faux Hardwood, have become one of our most popular products, often even topping out as our weekly best-seller. Their handsome design makes it easy to see why they’ve become so popular (we have even more designs in development right now), but there are a number of common questions about our wood grain foam mats so we thought we’d take a moment to address them here on the blog.

How is the faux hardwood finish achieved?

The wood grain appearance is a durable printed surface right on the EVA foam. We’ve gone through several different processes and finishes over the years, and we think you’ll agree that the wood grain appearance on our current generation of mats is really terrific.

Can the wood grain surface be scratched?

Just like any other EVA foam mat in our catalog, the surface is soft and can be scratched. The good news is that the entire foam core of the wood grain mats is light brown-tan in color, so scratches on the surface are not readily apparent. This is a big improvement over earlier generations where the printed surface was applied on white foam, and scratches would appear more readily. Another thing to keep in mind with any foam mat is that it is susceptible to indentation from items like heavy furniture or even women’s high heeled shoes.

Do the wood grain “boards” line up from tile to tile?

This is a common question and as much as we’d love to be able to offer this kind of precision, the answer is no. The mats are produced in much larger batches than the 24-square-foot packs we offer for sale, and we are not able to guarantee that the “boards” in your wood grain pattern will line up exactly from tile to tile. But the good news is that this hardly matters:

The overall effect of an assembled pack is still great, even if the boards don’t match perfectly. We’ve gotten TONS of positive feedback about our wood grain foam mats from many different customers, and we’re confident you’ll love them too. So what are you waiting for? Start shopping!

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