Wood Grain in All the Rooms

Kitchen family room bedroom carpet

If you could put a stunning wood grain mat floor in any room in your house, which would it be? Might be hard to decide, because soft, attractive, easily maintained floors just want to be everywhere! 

An elegant wood grain, whether oak, bamboo, or mahogany, will make the living room a place you look forward to hanging out in for hours on end. Carpets hold all kinds of allergens and are impossible to keep clean. Hardwood floors are gorgeous, but can cost an arm and a leg. Seems classy, comfortable, and practical only meet in wood grain EVA foam mats! Put them in the living room or family room for a warm, classy, but soft and comfortable look and feel. Guests will have a hard time believing they’re foam mats…until they step on them!

What about bedrooms? Foam floors??? You bet! Let’s tackle the kids’ room first: aside from the garage, this might be the dirtiest room in the house, right? So make the floors easier to keep clean with interlocking foam mats. Just sweep and mop with a little gentle detergent in water. Take a look at the cork mats: keeps things fun and interesting in the kids’ rooms! It keeps things on the casual end, but still installs simply and is cleaned much easier than carpets or rugs. For the master suite, wood grain mats add warmth and class while still being soft and comfortable. You just can’t beat the combination.

Traditional kitchens often have high-end hardwoods or tile. Wood finishes wear down and allow the wood to become damaged with lots of cleaning. Tile is non-porous, which is great, but grouted seams get dirty and seem to stay that way. And if you’re going to be spending a significant amount of time in the kitchen, tile can take a toll on your feet and joints. Wood grain mats in the most used areas of the kitchen last and last – and if a tile becomes damaged, you can simply replace it, not the whole floor. Since the mats are anti-fatigue, you’ll find spending time in the kitchen will be more enjoyable. And like always, the mats clean up quickly with a good sweep and a little light mopping.

So where will you put your wood grain mats? If you can’t decide, we strongly suggest just getting mats for all the rooms! Take a look at all our wood grain options and then give us a call if you need help deciding how many to order. Our customer service folks are the best in the business and can make your mat-buying experience positively memorable!