Wood Grain Trade Show Booth Flooring

It’s really become less surprising over the months how many of our business customers love our wood grain mats for their trade show booths. Reading some of the reviews written by those of you who’ve used them in your booths, well, it makes us blush just a little. We’re happy you’re so satisfied with the wood grain mats’ appearance and performance. And for those of you shopping for some good trade show booth flooring, let us introduce you to the gorgeous addition we can make to your trade show booth.

When people see wood grain, they think “expensive hardwood flooring” which can easily translate to “these people spent good money on this floor.” Normally, they’d be right, but in the case of wood grain trade show booth mats, they’d be very shocked to step on the mats and discover the comfort of EVA foam. If you take a look at our Classic Oak wood grain mats, you’ll see how deceiving they can be. The mats, like all our others, lock together with puzzle-like tabs and form a seamless look. You really have to look hard to be able to tell these are not actually hardwood floors. But the second the visitors to your trade show booth step on them, they’ll be impressed. You’ve spent time and resources on not only the look of your booth, but the comfort of your customers. Impressive.

For some really different wood grain finishes, take a look at our Forest Floor line of mats. Sorry, but you may have a hard time choosing one, because they all would add a very unique look to your trade show booth. Want to go full-funky? Check out the cork Forest Floor mats. Like the distressed wood look? How about our Slate Style Forest Floor mats? There are even more to choose from, so head to our website’s wood grain mats page and start shopping. We’re sure you’re going to find one that will complement your booth perfectly.