Yoga for Strong Bones

Ladies, roll out that yoga mat and you might not have to listen to your doctor tell you about bone density loss. Body weight exercise, along with many other lifestyle changes, can actually help to prevent bone loss, which is a major concern for women, though maintaining bone density is a concern for anyone who’s getting on in years. Fractures become more challenging to heal when we age and especially if our bones have become too porous due to the loss of density. So do the right, easy, and restorative thing: get your yoga mat out and give the old bod a whirl!

Yoga mats are the perfect place to spend some time daily working on maintaining a body you want to be there for you as you get older. If it’s the right kind of yoga mat, like our Manduka Pro or Pro Lite yoga mat, it will be padded sufficiently to make your practice comfortable, but supportive enough to help you achieve those difficult balancing poses. Nothing cuts a workout short faster than discomfort, but with a Manduka yoga mat, you’ll be able to stick with your practice for as long as you want, knowing that you’re doing right by your bones.

And we’ll be honest: bones love our Manduka yoga mats. It’s true! We interviewed the sit bones and here’s what they had to say: “We were anxious at first about the idea of sitting on the floor, sometimes balancing on our neighbor, the coccyx, because floors are just about the most uncomfortable place to be. But that Manduka yoga mat proved we didn’t have anything to worry about. We were comfortable and felt really cared for, you know? We were able to tolerate a whole lot more time on the yoga mat than we thought we would. And honestly, we’re feeling stronger by the week!” Straight from the source – there you have it. The longer you spend with body weight exercises on the comfort of a yoga mat, the better your chances are for strong, happy bones.

Manduka goes all out in its yoga mats. They come with a Lifetime Guarantee from the manufacturer – that’s how confident they are about their yoga mats, and that should be reassuring to you, as well. With plenty of padding, a fantastic fabric-like texture to keep moisture away from your skin, and plenty of texture to keep you in place, Manduka yoga mats are exactly the tool you need to get on the path to stronger, healthier bones. Maybe have a conversation with your own sit bones, or knees, or palms and feet and see what they say. We’re pretty sure they’re going to agree with us.