Yoga + Martial Arts = Unbeatable

To kick a martial arts practice up a level, incorporating meditation and yoga can’t be beat. It increases focus, strength, balance, and self-discipline. Fortunately, martial arts mats and yoga mats are both available right here!

Lots of young martial artists are attracted to the sport because of the benefits they perceive easily: increased strength, agility, self-defense. But even the most experienced martial artists will tell you that training the mind as well as the body is crucial for a truly comprehensive practice. When mental acuity is mastered, the physical components of the arts follow quickly.

To extend your martial arts practice at home, some textured Tatami finish martial arts mats will get you started in the right vein. These mats provide just enough padding to practice the moves required, but also for the floor work yoga will insist upon. They’re also plenty soft to accommodate some time meditating.

If you want a specifically yoga-centered practice area, take a look at our yoga mats. They range in thickness to give you just what you need and no more. These are great for areas where a large martial arts practice space isn’t feasible. You can still practice the disciplines of yoga in a dedicated space that has the ability to travel to the gym or studio when necessary.

Is the incorporation of a yoga mat really all your martial arts practice needs for improvement? Well, that’s anybody’s guess, but it’s a fact that yoga and martial arts were born to complement each other. Even if you practice them separately, you’ll find increased benefit in each practice.

Because we believe in the best, we’re proud to offer Gaiam ® yoga mats for all the different levels of yoga practice you might encounter. If you’ve already got the yoga mat but need some martial arts mats at home, our Tatami mats are just the ticket. Order only as many as you need; you can always order a few more should you decide to expand your practice area. If you’re not sure exactly what you need, give our customer service folks a call. They’re the best – just like our mats!