Yoga Mat Envy

You know you’ve got a great yoga mat when your instructor asks to look at it and says, “That’s really nice! Where’d you get it?” You happily tell her that you bought it from this place online called We Sell Mats. Then you tell her how little you paid for it. She freaks out a little bit and says, “What was the name of that website again??”

It actually is a little incomprehensible that you can get a quality Manduka yoga mat for the unbelievably low price found only here at We Sell Mats. Manduka is known for its thick, supportive mats that last a lifetime. In fact, if yours ever wears out and you need to buy another, the company will recycle the mat for you. Pretty cool, huh? But the reality is, the mats are so durable and resilient that you will probably never come upon that eventuality.

The Manduka Pro mat is a whopping 6mm thick; that’s twice the thickness of the standard yoga mat, so when your instructor tells you to double up your mat when you’re doing stuff on your knees, you won’t have to. You’ll actually have plenty of padding (maybe more than anyone else in the room!) without needing to fold your mat or use a second one. Is it too thick for balancing poses? Nope! The Manduka Pro mat’s closed-cell structure makes it supportive enough even for beginners learning balancing poses. And when you fall out of one, you’ve got plenty of cushioning to help you get right back up.

Preparing your Manduka yoga mat for use is an exercise in meditation even before you use it. Unroll it, rub it down with fine sea salt and let it sit overnight. Then gently wipe it clean with a damp cloth and let it dry. The sense of caring for your yoga mat makes the way you look at your mat a little different. It becomes a special place that you’ve helped create for your own self-care and practice.

So tell your yoga instructor where you got your awesome Manduka yoga mat, and before you know it, your whole class will be practicing on them. And they’ll have you to thank for their comfort!