Yoga Mats by Gaiam

woman doing yoga

We Sell Mats is proud to announce the addition of Gaiam® yoga mats to our line of outstanding fitness, flooring, and retail mats! Let’s start with the basics, shall we? Whether you’re a beginner or a yogi, the Gaiam® mats offer varying levels of thickness and design so you can find just what you need.

For most yoga classes and home practitioners, the 3mm printed yoga mats are perfect. These mats provide light cushioning that allows most poses to be done quite comfortably. With 16 attractive prints to choose from, you’ll find something that fits your style and your needs. For a little more padding, take a look at the 5mm mats. These are perfect if you prefer a softer foundation for sitting or kneeling, or for the more lengthy session. All but one of the 3 mm and 5 mm mats come with a light-tack surface. This allows you the right amount of grip for any standard yoga poses.

We Sell Mats is proud of the products we offer, in large part because they are high-quality and low-cost. But we’re especially proud to offer Gaiam’s products because of the genuine concern they have for the manufacturing process. You’ll find these yoga mats are free of latex and six of the most dangerous phthalates. Whether your yoga is challenging or relaxing, you’ll have peace of mind and body knowing your mat is one of those things that’s good for you!

More good news? The mats we’ve chosen to offer to you are some of the most sought-after prints and are often not available in stores. But we’re offering them at a ridiculously low price and including free shipping! Plus, you get the experience of working with the fantastic customer service folks when you call to order or have a question! No kidding, we have the best, most knowledgable, and helpful people in the industry. Not sure which mat would be best for you? Call us! Wondering about some of the other Gaiam products? Call us! Just need a nice person to talk to? Call us! Seriously, we’re happy to help you choose exactly what you need. And make sure to like us on Facebook for a discount when you order!