Yoga Mats for Dudes

Who says yoga mats are just for women? Sure, there are lots of ladies hitting the mats for some meditation, stretching, and strengthening, but men, you deserve the best yoga mat possible when it’s time for Broga.

The qualities that make our Manduka yoga mats perfect for the ladies are the same qualities that make them the perfect fit for the gentlemen, too. Who wants to slip out of a posture and land face-down on the floor? No dudes that we know of, that’s for sure. The Manduka yoga mats have a fabric-like texture that allows for secure grip while at the same time providing ease of movement between postures. Texture is everything, and the Manduka manufacturers knew this when they created a surface that would make yoga easier (if that’s possible) and more confidence-inspiring. Stick the pose and move on to the next.

We know there are plenty of Broga classes out there that like to combine yoga with other activities, like drinking beer and eating pizza (trust us – it’s a thing), so our Manduka yoga mats are comfortable enough to handle all the activities. The padding that makes the Manduka yoga mats gentle on the joints will also be appreciated when it comes time to sit back (in Easy Pose, of course), and enjoy a few slices and pints. Yes, we have the perfect yoga mat for dudes who love their yoga (and pizza and beer).

Seriously, if there’s a man in your life (or maybe it’s you??) who wants to get into yoga for the new year, build self-control and confidence, work on strength and flexibility, and come away with a greater sense of well-being, the Manduka yoga mats are the best place to start. There’s no reason to go cheap when you’re gearing up for a new fitness routine (you wouldn’t buy cheap sneakers for running), and yoga is no exception. Get the yoga mat that’s going to last a lifetime (see Manduka’s Lifetime Guarantee) and be confident you’re starting out with a great team behind you (or under you, as the case may be).

Manduka yoga mats are the best yoga mats for men and women, beginners and seasoned yogis, and will last the lifetime of your practice.