Yoga Mats for Indoor or Outdoor Use

One of the great things about yoga is that it’s the sort of exercise you can take with you anywhere. In the summer months, parks are often full of folks doing yoga and enjoying the outdoors. We’re all for that, of course, but given the trend of record-breaking heat over the past couple years, we certainly won’t blame you if yoga becomes an indoor exercise for you until September. Fortunately, neither will your equipment; yoga mats are the most convenient mat type and they’re a piece of cake to move around, so if five minutes into outdoor yoga you realize it’s going to be an indoor yoga day, you’ll be glad this particular exercise routine is as flexible as you are.

Speaking of flexible, did you know we carry yoga mats in different configurations? Our Gaiam yoga mats come in a bunch of different dimensions, thicknesses, and levels of surface tack, so you can pick the one that’s going to keep you the most comfortable depending on what kind of yoga you’re doing. The standard thickness for yoga mats, for example, is just three millimeters, but if much of your yoga involves sitting or kneeling positions, you might be better served by a thicker mat that’s going to provide more cushion for long-term comfort. If you like to stay on your feet though, the thinner mats are great for increased stability and balance.

There are lots of things to consider in yoga, from where you do it, whether indoors or outdoors, to the kind of equipment you’ll use. If it’s more of an exercise thing for you, you might be interested in the yoga blocks or straps to add a little versatility. If it’s a meditative practice, maybe all you need is a mat that’s going to help you forget about the tough ground beneath you. Whatever your practice looks like, we’ve got you covered. If you follow us on Facebook, there’s a discount in it for you (for your next and all subsequent orders), and if you give us a call or email, we’ll be happy to help you figure out exactly the right way to meet your needs!