Yoga Mats for Life

Finding the right yoga mat to begin a practice that will last your whole lifetime may seem daunting when you look on the shelves at the store, but we’ve got Manduka Pro yoga mats that will not only last for the lifetime of your practice, the manufacturer guarantees it. You won’t find that on the shelf at the store!

Lifetime guarantees are few and far between, but the Manduka Pro yoga mats are definitely deserving of theirs. The Manduka Pro yoga mat is 6 mm thick, with much more padding than the typical beginner yoga mat. With more padding, you’re going to be more comfortable in those seated postures and your knees will be able to stand the pressure you put on them in kneeling postures. Folks with bad knees know what we’re talking about. Nothing puts you in the wrong frame of mind during yoga when you can’t achieve the simplest of poses because they hurt. But with 6mm of padding, you’ll find the Manduka Pro is more forgiving and comforting and will allow you to do things you wouldn’t have been able to on a thinner mat.

The Manduka Pro Lite yoga mats are fantastically suited for yogis who want a genuine feel of the earth beneath them. Their construction allows for superior balance while taking the edge off the hard floor. Both the Pro and Pro Lite Manduka yoga mats have fabric-like surfaces so you can move between poses easily, but the texture also assures solid purchase for hands and feet. Falling out of a pose because you slip is no fun, and the Manduka surface makes sure that won’t happen. The mats will keep moisture away from your skin, but they won’t absorb the bacteria associated with sweat from hands and feet so your yoga mat doesn’t become a petri dish the more you use it.

If you’re going to invest in the yoga mat life, make the corresponding investment in the best yoga mat you can – the Manduka Pro line of yoga mats won’t let you down, literally or figuratively.