Yoga Mats – Indoors or Out!

Women's Yoga class

Yoga is a lot of fun to do in a group, especially if you find a class that really suits you, but part of the beauty of it is its simplicity – you can take it with you wherever you go. It doesn’t require a lot of setup, just a mat and the will to do it. Many even enjoy doing it outdoors. But what’s really nice about doing yoga on your own is that the rhythm is yours to control. You can set the pace of the exercise to something that suits your level of balance and expertise, and there’s no pressure to make your movements uniform with those of others around you.

And while we’re talking about ways to make yoga your own, did you know we carry printed yoga mats? They come in 3mm and 5mm thicknesses, and we’ve got nearly a dozen different designs to choose from. None are too flashy or gaudy, and they won’t distract you, but picking a design you love will make the mat inviting, personal, and you’ll feel more inclined to roll it out whether you’re in the yoga center or not. And really, anything that makes yoga (or any other kind of exercise) a more attractive experience is a good thing – you can never have too much fitness!

Of course, for those who prefer function over form, we offer many of Gaiam’s other yoga mat designs that have higher tack, better moisture absorption (no more slipping on the mat – especially nice if you’re doing yoga outside in the heat and you get a little sweaty), and even higher thickness for those who might take a more meditative approach to yoga, or just do more poses that have a lot of contact with the ground.

Variety is good – pick a yoga mat that suits you, and dive in!