Yoga Mats: Where Tacky is Good

We don’t think it’s possible to choose the wrong Gaiam® yoga mat, but we want to help you choose the best Gaiam® yoga mat for your practice, your body, and your style. In this article, we want to talk to those of you who want a little extra padding, maybe some extra gripping power, and versatility.

The standard Gaiam yoga mat that we offer is the 3mm mat. These are great for folks who need to feel the floor through the mat for balance purposes. Then there’s the 5mm mat that offers a little more cushioning, not much more, just to take the edge off. But for those of you who want serious padding, the Gaiam® Sol Premium Dry-Grip 8mm mat can’t be beat. This special mat is made with a structured core so you don’t get the bunching and stretching associated with the heavy use of thinner mats. The texture of the Sol Premium is one you’ve just got to feel to believe. It has a fabric-like texture for tack, stability and grip. The only way you’re going to slip on this mat is if you really want to!

The extra couple of millimeters of padding might not sound like a lot, but the structured core of the Sol Premium makes it feel like much more than mere millimeters. If you have difficulty with sitting poses, if your joints aren’t comfortable on hard surfaces, or if you’re practicing a new “flavor” of yoga that involves more impact, you’ll appreciate the difference 8mm can make.

Let’s talk about the high-tack quality of the Sol Premium Dry-Grip for a minute. If you’re into hot yoga (it’s ok to admit it…we’re all friends here), or if you just sweat a lot during your workout, the high-tack finish of the Sol Premium is really your best bet. On any other mat, once it gets wet, you lose the friction between yourself and the mat and your stability is betrayed. A high-tack mat provides just the right amount of tackiness to keep your hands and feet in place, even when everything is wet.

In the case of your next yoga mat, bigger is definitely better. Try the Sol Premium Dry-Grip 8mm yoga mat for comfort, support, and stability.