Yoga Weather!

C’mon, when isn’t it yoga weather?! But now that it’s warming up, it’s the perfect time to take your practice outside! Our Gaiam yoga mats are perfectly adaptable to grass, sand, even back porches, so what are you waiting for?

Grab your 3/mm printed yoga mat and get out there! These standard thickness mats are just the tool to get your yoga job done outdoors. They’ll give you just enough cushioning to take the edge off a hard surface (maybe next to the pool?) and provide just enough stability for meditation in the back yard. They’re easily wiped down (or hosed down, if you’re in that lovely time of year with all the pollen) and air dried.

For a little more support and padding, pick out a 5mm Gaiam yoga mat. The seven different hues available in these mats range from rich to subtle, energizing to serene. There’s sure to be one that fits your practice. And with that little extra padding, you’ll be more comfortable and able to hold poses more securely. Corpse pose may just end up a comfy 15 minute nap if you’re not careful!

If you really want to do some athletic yoga for a good workout and you know you’ll be perspiring in that hot sun, our 5mm Athletic and Sol Dry-Grip mats may be your best bet. These have high-tack finishes to make sure your hands and feet stay in place even when they or the mat are wet. If you plan to perspire, make sure you have a mat that won’t compromise your safety. And if you’re ready for traction but still want a little more padding, check out the Sol Premium Dry-Grip mat. Weighing in at a whopping 8mm, this mat will give you plenty of padding for those tender joints, comfortable meditation, and a safe yoga practice.

Yoga is too beautiful to be kept under a roof. Take your mat and practice with you wherever you go and enjoy the pleasant surprise of yoga outside!