You Can’t Lose With EVA Foam

With the simple addition of some EVA foam trade show booth flooring mats, you can give your trade show booth a facelift, make customers more comfortable, and keep your staff performing at the top of their game. Yep, all with just a new floor. And the cherry on top is that it won’t cost a fortune!

EVA foam trade show booth mats are made from the stuff you walk the beach on: flip-flop foam! So you know you’re going to get some seriously comfortable padding for your booth. EVA foam gives when it needs to and supports when it’s time. Kind of like a good friend. Because it’s made with this anti-fatigue material, the hours you spend standing on it at the trade exhibition will be much less exhausting and painful to your body. Imagine if you felt as energized at the end of the day as you did when the event began – that would translate into better performance and a higher return for your investment of resources, wouldn’t it?

And because the visitors to your booth would be standing on the same EVA foam mats, guess who’s going to be comfortably receptive to your pitch? With trade show booth flooring mats, you’ve communicated to your potential customers that their comfort is important to you, and that just might make them linger a little longer at your booth. After they’ve been hoofing it around the convention center for hours, stepping onto the soft, kind flooring of your booth will bring a sigh of relief, and maybe a few curious looks at the floor, and that’s good for business.

It’s easy to integrate your trade show booth flooring into the color scheme of your business because the EVA mats come in so many different colors. The solid-color Multi-Purpose mats can be used to achieve a seamless looking color that sort of takes a back seat to your overall scheme, or you can combine colors to make a cool pattern that really pops. Our wood grain EVA foam mats could just bring a little class and elegance to your booth if you decide to go that route. Customers won’t even know it’s not a hardwood floor until they step on it. And if you’re going for the warm look and feel of carpet, our Carpet-Top mats, installed in mere minutes, offer that richness with all the benefits of EVA foam.

You really can’t make a bad choice when it comes to choosing an EVA foam floor for your trade show booth. It’s all about the look for which you’re aiming. Kick your trade show game up a notch with a┬ánew floor system for your trade show booth.