Your Basic Tumbling Mat

toddler on tumbling mat

Tumbling mats are simple, basic mats that essentially provide padding between the athlete and the floor. The mats should be thick enough to prevent injury, solid enough to provide stability and balance, easily maintainable, and quickly and easily moved and stored. We Sell Mats has the best tumbling mats available at prices so affordable, you’ll be ordering as soon as you finish reading this blog!Gymnasts come in all shapes and sizes; so do martial artists, cheerleaders, and rambunctious little kids. And we have mats for them all! Any activity that requires a little protection on the floor will benefit from one of our basic tumbling mats. For the smaller gymnasts, take a look at our 4×6 tumbling mats. For young children learning to do forward rolls, bridges, or for those with limited space, this is the most compact tumbling mat we offer. Being four feet wide, it accommodates wobbles and misdirection, and at six feet long it provides enough room to complete a couple of rolls. The mat comes in either 1.5″ or 2″ thicknesses and three colors. The 18 oz. vinyl covering will ensure a long mat life – probably outlasting whatever the little gymnast can throw at it!

For those needing a little more room, our 4×8 tumbling mats are an excellent choice. Our most popular tumbling mat, these are available in the same thicknesses as our 4×6 mats. These mats are available in eight different color combinations and are easily folded into four sections for storage. If your needs run toward the longer end of the tumbling spectrum, have a gander at our 5×10 tumbling mats. An extra foot wide and a full ten feet long, these mats will accommodate the longer combinations while still providing protection and support.

If you’re concerned that the little kids will outgrow their mats like they outgrow their clothes, don’t worry: all our mats are made with hook and loop fasteners so they can be connected to other mats to expand a covered area. Tumbling mats that grow with your needs. Wouldn’t it be great if everything were that adaptable?!