Your Booth is Your Castle

How long has it been since you took a really good look at your trade show booth, from top to bottom; your flooring, your tables and shelving, even your signage? Most businesses will focus on the presentation of their product as the most important aspect of their trade show booth, but overlooking the comfort of the staffers and the ability of your flooring system to give your booth a facelift could be a critical error.

If you don’t have any trade show booth flooring at all, your booth is on relatively boring, painful ground. Most exhibitions are staged on concrete floors, even if they’re covered in commercial carpet. When you stand on these for hours on end, you’re exhausted, often in some pain in your lower back or joints, and you’re not the best person right then to be promoting anything well, least of all your product or service. But when you decide to make your booth a little more interesting and comfortable, you’ll not only attract more attendees to your very interesting-looking booth, but you’ll be comfortable enough to make your pitch in a genuinely enthusiastic manner, because you’ll still be energized. A simple 3/8″ of EVA foam mats as your trade show flooring can make that difference affordably.

EVA foam mats are the simplest solution to trade show flooring there is. The mats are 2′ square and have interlocking tabs, like a puzzle, that fit each mat together securely for a relatively seamless appearance. They’re so lightweight that you can pack them into a convenient shoulder bag and transport them easily to your next venue. They’re easy to care for, too. You know all the spills that occur at exhibitions – just wipe them off the water- and stain-resistant mats and you’re done. At the end of the day, sweep them off and put them away; they’ll look like new when you trot them out for the next event.

Attractive, easily-maintained, and light-weight anti-fatigue mats could be the solution to a problem you never knew existed. Give your booth a facelift while giving yourself a little relief. You won’t have to spend a fortune, but it will make your booth look like you did!