Your Home Gymnastics Studio

Given how often your gymnast shows off her moves at home, it would probably be a good idea to get some gymnastics equipment for her to use in the house or yard. With a wide variety of tumbling mats, balance beams, and skill shapes, you can choose what she needs to be able to safely and comfortably perfect her skills at home. We Sell Mats has everything she could possibly need: tumbling mats, incline mats, balance beams, cartwheel mats, and personal exercise mats, all made of high-quality Crosslink polyethylene foam and covered with durable and easy-to-clean heavy-duty vinyl. Whether your gymnast is a young tumbler or a soon-to-be elite athlete, she needs a safe place at home to continue to practice what she learns at the gym.

You don’t want your house overrun by gymnastics equipment so easy storage is essential. Our tumbling mats and exercise mats fold so you can slide them under a couch or bed, or maybe just against the wall when they’re not in use. They even have carrying handles for those times the kids want to take them outside. The tumbling mats come with hook and loop fasteners so you can easily and securely connect two or more together to increase the tumbling area.

All of our gymnastics equipment for home practice is durable and easy to clean. The heavy-duty vinyl covering won’t rip, the seams are professionally stitched so they won’t split, and the core is resilient enough to take anything your kids can throw at them. If mats get dirty, just sweep them off and clean them with a damp cloth. They’re tough enough to handle disinfectants, too.

Encourage your child’s love of gymnastics by bringing some gymnastics equipment into your home. In one fell swoop, you’ll communicate your encouragement of their passion, provide safety and comfort, and give them a place to continue practicing the sport they love.