Your Key to Martial Arts Success at Home

What’s going to be the key to making your home martial arts practice the most successful it can be? Believe it or not, it could very well be your floor. Think about it this way: you’re practicing on a carpeted living room or basement floor, you lose your grip, and down you go. Rug burns to say the least, but quite likely an abbreviated workout because of soreness and possibly injury. Practicing martial arts on the correct floor, however, will keep you safe and help you make the most of your practice time.

If you’re serious enough about martial arts to want to be able to do them at home, then you absolutely must begin with a safe, secure flooring system like our tatami finish martial arts mats. These mats offer a ribbed surface, much like the surface of the tatami rice straw mats for which they are named. When your hands or feet are looking for grip, the tatami finish allows extra area for traction, giving you the security you need for a safe practice.

The tatami finish martial arts mats come in varying levels of padding so you can get the thickness that’s right for your workout. If you want the maximum amount of padding, the 1″ mats are the way to go. These are our thickest, most shock-absorbing martial arts mats and can handle whatever (or whomever) you throw at them! If you have to hit the floor, you want these underneath you. These are also the best choice if kids are going to be practicing on them. If you don’t need quite so much cushioning, the 1/2″ or 3/4″ are excellent choices.

You might think martial arts flooring this good would need to be professionally installed, but our martial arts mats are easily connected to each other with puzzle-like tabs so you can do it yourself in just minutes. Measure the area you want to cover, order the corresponding quantity in packs or as single tiles, and when they arrive, you can install them with nothing more than a pair of scissors or a utility knife and maybe some carpet tape. That’s it.

Your key to success with your home martial arts practice is right beneath you: your floor. Cover it with tatami finish martial arts mats and be on your way to a better martial arts practice.