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We don’t like to brag or anything, well…maybe just a little…but we have what is easily considered the top of the line in yoga mats. Gaiam and Manduka mats are the mats of choice for yogis and newbs everywhere. And we can show you why.

You’re starting a yoga practice and you’re going to need a yoga mat. Maybe the fancy yoga pants, straps, blocks, etc. will come later, but to really get you started, all you need is a mat. Going to the big box store and grabbing the cheapest yoga mat you can find is a great way to make sure you give up yoga quickly. Cheap mats are slippery, made of inferior materials, and will wear out long before you do. You wouldn’t wear flip-flops to climb Everest, so don’t start a yoga practice with a cheap mat.

Our carefully curated selection of Gaiam and Manduka yoga mats will last as long as you need them to, will give you enough padding for whatever place you find yourself, and can even say something about your commitment to your practice. Gaiam yoga mats come in varying thicknesses, colors and designs, construction materials, and tactile surfaces. If you’re just beginning, we recommend one of the thicker mats just to get you started. You’ll still feel enough solid ground to hold balancing poses, but feel comfortable doing floor work.

Manduka mats are the newest addition to our yoga mat line and like Gaiam, have several characteristics that will appeal to different types of people. Different thicknesses, construction materials, surfaces, and recyclability are some of Manduka’s outstanding qualities. These mats can’t be beat for the environmentally-conscious practitioner.

Don’t start your yoga practice on just any yoga mat. You’re not just any person. Choose from the best brands right here at We Sell Mats. You deserve it, right?