Your Perfect Yoga Mat

It’s kind of nice to have a wide variety when you go to choose a product, and when it comes to yoga mats, a large selection is not only nice, but necessary. Every yoga practice is as different as the people practicing it, so the yoga mat of choice should be as customized as possible. We Sell Mats has chosen to offer a deep selection of Gaiam® yoga mats because we believe you will find exactly what you need in this outstanding line of top-quality yoga mats.

To determine which mat is best for you and your practice, answer a few questions. First, are you new to yoga or are you an experienced yogi? Do you value padding more than stability or is feeling solid ground beneath you a top priority? Do you find your hands and feet slipping due to perspiration or are you one of the lucky ones who doesn’t have to worry about that? Do you want a mat geared more toward meditation or an athletic workout?

Initiates into the yoga mat life find that a little extra padding helps the body adjust to the demands of the postures. Our 5mm yoga mats are perfect for this new beginning. They offer a little more cushioning while still helping you find your balance. They’re also great for the seated postures and for meditation. But if you’re looking for the minimum amount of padding between you and the ground, our 3mm mats are just the ticket. They’ll take the edge off but still allow you to nail the difficult balances. 

If you want to make sure your Downward Dog doesn’t end up looking like road kill, a secure grip for slippery hands and feet is a must. Our 5mm and 8mm Dry-Grip mats are designed with a high-tack feel that wicks moisture away from your hands and feet so you don’t slip. Nothing ruins the moment more than a fast fall, and the Dry-Grip mats will go a long way to keeping you in the pose. These as well as our Athletic 2GRIP 5mm mat are great for hot yoga or for a practice that feels like a true workout.

Options are great and we’ve got so many options in yoga mats that you might have a hard time choosing! Pick a thickness, pick a color, pick a pattern, then release your inner yogi!