Your Season Opener Workout

You’ve got to feel a little bit sorry for the professional baseball players from up north who go to Florida for Spring Training, then go home to season openers in freezing temperatures. What a way to start your season! Balmy, breezy workouts, then – kapow! The real stuff begins. Fortunately for most of us, our workouts don’t have to be a prelude to meat-locker temps later on, especially if we get to work out in the comfort of our own homes. With a well-padded and insulated floor in your home gym using our fantastic EVA foam mats, your workout will be comfortable no matter the time of year or weather outside.

Our fitness floor mats are the perfect way to make sure you stay comfortable and focused on your workout routine. They provide anywhere from 3/8” to 3/4” of padding, which acts as thermal insulation in basements and garages, and as an anti-fatigue, shock-absorbing foundation from which to start your workout. They’ll keep your joints from wearing out before you want your workout to be over, and allow support and cushioning for any style of workout, whether with machines, weights, or even just body-weight training.

The mats don’t require professional installation or maintenance like a baseball field does either. Who can afford a grounds crew like that? Simply measure the surface area you want to cover, order the corresponding number of mats (maybe in your team’s colors??), and lock them in place with the interlocking tabs. Finish with our straight edge pieces for a smooth, finished look and your installation is complete. To keep them looking great, just sweep off debris with a broom or a suction vacuum, mop or wipe down with a little mild detergent in water and you’re done! The mats will air dry and be ready for the next pitch.

Classy wood grained mats or solid color mats – doesn’t matter which you choose, your home gym will look and feel great when you have the mats installed. They may actually inspire you to work out more often! There’s nothing like the real thing, whether it’s attending a game at your favorite stadium or feeling like you’re in a state-of-the-art gym right in your own home, so don’t wait another inning: get your EVA foam mats for your home gym and get in the game!