Your Young Gymnast’s Best Friend – Nastia Liukin

Choosing gymnastics equipment to encourage and motivate your aspiring young gymnast has never been easier, thanks to Nastia Liukin’s full line of gymnastics equipment and apparatus. To tell your little tumbler you have confidence in her abilities, providing her with Nasti’s practice balance beam or pre-school training bar will not only be a source of encouragement, but will motivate her to become just like the elite athlete.

While we have many practice balance beams from which to chose, the one that might light that all-important fire in your gymnast may just be the one with Nastia’s signature on it. Almost 8′ long and 4″ wide, Nastia’s foam balance beam┬ásits flat on the ground, the walking surface merely inches, rather than feet, from the ground, so if your gymnast slips, she only has a few inches to go down. The benefit here is obvious: fewer injuries. As she gains strength, control, and confidence, the transition to a real beam at the gymnastics studio becomes less threatening, and mastery is likely to follow more quickly.

Nothing is more fun to watch for young gymnastics athletes than a competition where their heroes are spinning and flipping around a bar, so Nastia has provided a very small, easily spotted pre-school training bar so the little ones get a feel for the apparatus. Kids will swing from anything, as you well know, so a training bar is a gift that you know will be used for years. Because it’s small enough for the pre-school tumbler, it’s also easy for you as the supervising adult to spot the child while she’s engaged on it. With a sturdy Nastia Liukin folding mat beneath it, the kid will likely spend more time on the bar than off it, so be prepared!

With a Nastia Liukin balance beam, training bar, and folding mat, your aspiring athlete will feel that much closer to her role model, and will grow, develop skills, and have loads of fun the whole time. Nastia may be the role model, but you can be the real hero of the story by providing the gymnastics equipment that propels your child on to success and mastery.